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Privacy Fences ... made from premium grade northern white cedar.

Cedar Board with
2"x2" Diagonal Lattice Topper

Cedar Board with
Chestnut Hill Topper
(2"x2" Red Cedar Picket)


All of our Privacy Fences are made from northern white or western red cedar.  They beautifully enhance your yard and add a privacy boarder.

Our customers can choose from many other available styles and configurations.  All can be stained in-house, thus reducing on site installation time and protecting your landscaping environment. Available stain colors range from standard whites to any color of your choice.  

Additional enhancements like gates, arbors and pergolas can be customized to match your chosen Privacy Fence.  Please call or email us for a free in-house consultation.


Cedar Board with
Lattice Topper
(Domed Facia Board on Lattice)

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