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Lattice ... made from premium grade northern white cedar.

Cedar Board with
2"x2" Diagonal Lattice Topper

1"x1" Square Cedar with Flat Top Caps

2"x2" Diagonal Lattice integrated in our Privacy Fence

Lattice can be used to create a boarder between properties while adding a graceful beaty to your yard and garden.  It's mostly popular and used by owners that love vine plantings, since it acts as a strong support for them.

Here at Tony's Fence Co., lattice fences, gates, arbors, etc are our favorites.  We specialize in making our own lattice from the smallest 1"x1" patterns up to large 4"x4".  Besides the traditional square patterns, we'll make anything from diagonal to Victorian designs.  You can even order your own designs.  Just like all of our fences, lattice can be unstained or prestained with wide selection of custom colors.  Our lattice is widely used for decorative purposes with privacy fences, arbors, gates, and other applications.

Our customers can choose from many other available styles and configurations as well as order our most popular styles from our on-line Specialties web page.

For the best lattice fence in your neighborhood call or email us for a free in-house consultation.

Unstained Diagonal Lattice

Diagonal Lattice

3" x 6" Victorian Lattice 

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